Greetings!  Here’s a little bit about me, so you know who you’re talking to (or more precisely, who is talking to you, LOL).

My name is Gail Nettles, and along with my husband David, I travel all over Florida to find some of the best places for vacations.  Neither one of us is in the travel industry, and we’re both Florida natives, although we grew up in different parts of the state.  So, we each know neat spots to introduce to the other.  For example, David never knew that we had caves n Florida (Florida Caverns State Park) and I had never been to the Florida Keys.

In other words, we’re just everyday residents of the Sunshine State.  🙂

We like to mosey around the state, checking out different places and taking photos along the way.  So while I do include photos from others at times, a lot of the pictures are ones that David or I took.

Of course we’ve been to pretty much all the major attractions (and indeed, I even used to work at Disney World), but we’ve also been to some of the smaller ones that don’t get talked about a whole lot.  So like I said, we’re out and about Florida.

I hope that you enjoy these pages; that you learn some new place to visit or just enjoy the posts and the photos.  Hope you have a wonderful Florida vacation — even if it’s only virtually!  🙂



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