Best Florida Beaches, Part 1 – Quiet Beaches

Which are the best Florida beaches?  The answer depends on what you like for your beach-going pleasure.  Quiet beaches, family-friendly, lots of beach toys…whatever you like, there’s probably one here in Florida that will suit your fancy.

This page is about some of the wonderful beaches in Florida.  You might notice that the title of this page has “Part 1” in the title; that’s because I’ve got plenty to show you.  On this page, you’ll see some of the quieter ones, but you’ll see more on other pages.

South Florida – MacArthur Beach

One of my favorite Florida beaches has to be MacArthur Beach State Park in South Florida.  Located on A1A north of Singer Island and south of Jupiter in Palm Beach County, it’s a slice of heaven for anyone liking a quiet Florida beach.

Of all the times I’ve been there, I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than a dozen people on the beach.  Now I’m sure there are times when there are more, but it’s the walk out to the beach that daunts most people.  Ah, but there is a tram that goes back and forth between the parking area and the beach, so the walk really isn’t bad.  Over the dune and onto the beach!

Jensen Beach, South East Florida

Jensen Beach is somewhere between “quiet” and “a lot but not to many” when it comes to the number of people on the beach.

On weekdays, you’re liable to find just a handful of people strung up and down the beach.  Weekends sees this beach with more people.

You can always find a spot to park your beach blanket without searching high and low; it’s just a matter of how far you want to go up and down the beach from the entrance.

Best Florida Beaches – Hobe Sound

If you’re at the beach early in the morning (like just before sunrise and a short while after), you’re likely to find a fair amount of people on the beach.

Between folks who want to cast a line into the water for fishing, those who want to stretch in the early morning light and those who walk their four-legged friends, you’ll find people.

(Yes, dogs are allowed on the beach between certain hours.)

The beach is open all hours; David and I went there one morning to watch a meteor shower before dawn was even a hint on the horizon.  Quite naturally, we were the only people on the beach.  As soon as there was any light to see, people started drifting in.  By 8:30 AM, there were a fair amount of people (although not too crowded).

That’s it for the moment — I’ll be back with more of the best Florida beaches in a bit.


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