Disney World Resorts – Port Orleans

Disney World Resorts - Port OrleansesortThe Disney World resort of Port Orleans is actually two resorts in one – Riverside and French Quarter.  Both resorts are loosely based on the Mississippi River in Louisiana, but that is where the similarity ends and the fun begins!

This pair of resorts was originally designated as “Dixie Landings” because of it’s Southern flair.  That name was later dropped in favor of Port Orleans.

This is one of the Disney moderate resorts.  This means that it’s moderately priced — more than the value resorts, less than the deluxe.  And as far as room size and amenities, it falls between the two as well.

Resort Room at Disney World French Quarter Resort

French Quarter

The French Quarter resort has a feeling of the French Quarter in New Orleans.  Think wrought iron railings, electric lamps that resemble the old gas lamps in looks, etc.

You’ll find a flavor of this carries over into the rooms of the resort as well.  The bathroom area has pedestal sinks, the pictures are reminiscent of New Orleans,  etc.

The walkways along the “Sassagoula River” (the canal that runs past the resort) have the requisite wrought iron, and plenty of lovely landscaping.  Strangely enough, we even saw a rabbit along one of the walkways near to the river, which then hopped into the bushes.Theme Pool, French Quarter Resort

The themed pool at the resort is based more on Mardi Gras — or at least, that is what the water slide looked like!

In the evenings, there is a horse-drawn carriage ride, from the Riverside portion of the Disney World Port Orleans resort, through the French Quarter.  If you have a room facing the “river”, you’ll hear the clippety clop of the horse’s hooves until around 11 PM.

There is no sit-down restaurant at French Quarter, but there is a quick-food area where you can grab a bite to go.  For a real meal, you’ll need to go over to Riverside…which is where we’ll go to next!

Riverside, Port Orleans, Walt Disney WorldRiverside Resort

Riverside is more of the stately southern mansion flavor.  It’s also part of the resort that has the restaurant, boat rentals, bike rentals, etc.

While I haven’t stayed at Riverside (hence no photos of a room), I expect that the rooms are the same basic size and layout.  Just with a Deep South influence in the decor.

There is a boat dock here, and it serves a few purposes.  First, it’s where you can catch a water taxi ride that you can use to get to French Quarter and also Downtown Disney.  Second, you can rent a boat and explore the waterways yourself.

(Although there is a charge to rent a boat, the water taxi is free.)

You can also rent bicycles here, and explore the walkways in the two resorts.  I did see bicycles built for four (interesting), but I don’t recall seeing any standard bikes — although I imagine they are available as well.  In any case, the bikes for four have four wheels, and look like a small carriage or sorts.

The restaurant is in Riverside, and it’s called Boatwights.  As you can imagine, it rather resembles a boatmaker’s workshop, even to the framework of a boat hanging from the ceiling.  The food is primarily “Southern down home” type, but there are traditional foods on the menu as well.  The portions are large, though.  It would have been nicer to have smaller portions that cost less, but since they are large — come hungry!

Disney World Resorts – Port Orleans

To sum up this set of Disney World resorts, they are a nice place to stay.  The rooms are comfy, the themes are nice.  It’s near to Downtown Disney, so you have an evening destination (if you don’t want to visit one of the theme parks). The staff is wonderful, and serve you in the true Disney spirit — always cheerful and helpful.

In a addition to the water taxi, there are free buses that take you to the theme parks and the other resorts as well, so you don’t need  a car to get around.

If you’re looking for a moderate Disney World resort, I would recommend staying here.  And if you get the chance, book a room along the “river”.

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