Disney World Vacation

A Walt Disney World vacation is something that many people dream of.   Between the thrill of the theme parks, the warm weather in Orlando and the wonderful hosts (i.e., employees), it’s indeed where you can make memories that will last a lifetime.

Cinderellas Castle,  Walt Disney WorldAnd it truly is that kind of place.  I know I’ve been to attractions all around the state and indeed the country and hands-down, Walt Disney World is the best!

So what makes a Disney World vacation so special?  Let’s find out!

The Disney Magic

One of the wonderful things about a vacation here is the smiling faces of the hosts.  The hosts go out of their way to help make sure your stay is enjoyable.

And it’s all over the park!  From the checkout clerks to the folks monitoring getting in and out of rides to servers in restaurants and finally, at the hotels.  It is rare to find one that isn’t smiling and helpful.

And this does make a difference.  When you’re hot and tired from being in the parks all day, the last thing you need is a frown from a host!

Staying On Property Versus Off Property

If you plan to spend a few days in Orlando on your vacation and more than one of those days at Disney, you may want to stay at one of the Disney World resorts.  Why?  Here are a few reasons.

Disney's Grand Floridian Resort

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

  • More convenient.  You can take (free) Disney transportation to move from hotel to parks; no need to deal with renting a car.
  • Less stressful.  When you’re tired and need a break, going back to your room for a quick dip in the pool or a nap can refresh you.  Then you’re a hop, skip and jump from going back into the parks.
  • Themed resorts.  The resorts are all themed, so the Disney magic follows you to your room!  The Polynesian resort is a great example!

You may be surprised that staying at Disney doesn’t necessarily mean it’s way more expensive than staying off the Disney property.  There are all kinds of packages that give a great break on the room and ticket prices, so staying at Disney may even end up less expensive!

 What About the Parks?

DIsney World Vacation - EPCOTThere are four theme parks at Walt Disney World in Orlando:

  • Magic Kingdom:  This is the first of the parks opened at WDW, back in 1970.  But never fear, it has gone though lots of renovations over the years to keep it up-to-date and looking great.  In fact, it now has a brand new Fantasyland!
  • EPCOT:  The Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow was the second of the Disney parks to open up.  It too has changed and upgraded over the years.   (And it’s still my favorite parks, LOL.)
  • Disney Studios:  Formerly MGM Hollywood Studios, this was the third park to open, and it will fascinate anyone who loves Hollywood movies.
  • Animal Kingdom:  This is the fourth of the main theme parks to open, and it’s the largest.  Instead of animated rides and shows, the focus of this park is more on live animals and shows!  (Although there are still plenty of rides.)

There are also two associated areas on the Disney property, but not parks per se.  They are ESPN and Downtown Disney.

Your Disney World Vacation

So, are you ready to plan your Walt Disney World vacation yet?  I hope I’ve given you some information that will get ideas flowing for you.  There are lots of resources, online and off, that can help you make your Disney dreams a reality!

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