Florida Keys Vacation Spots

The Florida Keys vacation spots are kind of their own little world.  Come to think of it, the Keys almost seem to be a different state — or at least a very different state of mind, LOL.

Florida Keys Vacation SpotsThis island chain off the tip of the Florida peninsula holds a combination of vacation excitement and a laid-back charm.  The climate is tropical, the sea waters warm and the sun is bright.

There’s lots to do and see here, this post will be an overview of the islands, and then I’ll have separate posts with more detailed info.

Key Largo – Gateway to the Upper Keys

Heading south from the Florida mainland, Key Largo is the first island you come to, and is also sometimes called the “Gateway to the Upper Keys”.  Outside of Key West, it’s the island with the most things to see and do,

One of the big draws for Key Largo is the diving and snorkeling.  The John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park makes its home here, and if you dive or snorkel, it’s something you need to see.  And even if you don’t dive or snorkel, you can take in the aquarium and nature trails.  Oh, and the waterways where you can canoe or kayak.

There are quite a few resorts, hotels and motels on Key Largo.  They range from no-frills to fancy.  It’s more expensive here than mainland Florida, though, so keep that in mind.

Upper Matecumbe Key — Islamorada

The next of the Florida Keys vacation spots is Islamorada.  This is a city on Upper Matecumbe Key that is a very popular (and well-known) fishing destination.  If you like charter fishing and have a hankering for marlin, dolphin (also known as mahi-mahi), wahoo or other such denizens of the deep, Islamorada is the place you want to be.

Aside from the fishing, you can take in Theater of the Sea.  Think of it as a very small SeaWorld or Marineland, with a tropical flavor.  It’s a very nice way to spend a morning or afternoon.

Marathon – Vaca Key

Marathon is in the Middle Keys, and it’s known for both fishing and outdoor activities.  Boating of all kinds is popular, as are dive and snorkeling tours.  And if you like wreck diving, you might want to check out the Adelaide Baker.

Not much in the way of attractions here, but lots of places to eat and shop.  But if you’re wanting attractions and nightlife, Marathon isn’t terribly far away from Key West.

Key West, Florida

The island and the city have the same name, and it’s home to the southernmost point in the United States that you can get to by driving.

It’s also home to a lot of attractions, is a port of call for several cruise lines and is (very) famous for its nightlife.  Sloppy Joe’s is a popular hangout, and Duval Street is where you go shopping and people-watching.  And don’t forget Mallory Square at sunset, when it gets really interesting…

There are several beaches on Key West, something many of the other islands do not have.  Some are man-made, others are natural.

Boating, snorkeling, diving, fishing — all are popular outdoor activities.

More on the Keys

As I mentioned, I’ll be putting in separate posts for the various islands, cities and other destinations for Florida Keys vacation spots, and as I do, I’ll come back and link to them from this page.  Meanwhile, time to go find Margaritaville, LOL.  🙂

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